Some of our framework agreements can be utilised by charity organisations. They are a shortcut to access a wide range of products and services available directly from experienced suppliers. What is more, buyers can be safe in the knowledge that all of our frameworks are compliant with the UK and EU Public Contract Regulations and all of our procurement exercises will be undertaken in a consistent and professional manner.

As charities have taken on an increasing amount of public service delivery in recent times and grants and contracts now form a significant proportion of the charity sector’s income, our easy-to-use, cost and time efficient frameworks would be the perfect solution for any charity institution.

Whether you are new to procurement, don’t have an in-house procurement team, or don’t have the capacity to conduct a full tender process, we possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to run the procurement process as smoothly and efficiently for you.

The following framework agreements that we offer can be used by organisations which operate in the charity sector:

Consortium Procurement