We are advertising for an Insurance Broker

We are seeking an Insurance Broker to work with our procurement team on a consultancy basis to establish The Commercial Property and Liability Insurance framework. This new framework will be aiming to provide an all-encompassing best in class insurance policy for our members that will allow them to have broad insurance cover that is affordable and deals with all of the services they provide.

We will be looking for the below knowledge and expertise during the recruitment process:

  • Good relationship with insurance providers, large scale and niche. Offer wide range of value added services and continually adds to relationships. Ensure VFM for members
  • Tailor risks according to member needs this can include a review/advice and guidance on policy wording
  • Staff training to high level e.g. industry standards
  • Procurement expertise and track record of consultancy and brokerage
  • Technical knowledge of products and sectors e.g. housing, NHS etc.
  • Compliance record with FCA, Anti-Corruption, PCR 2015
  • T&C’s to be provided by consultant.
  • Ability to work nationwide and provide coverage to all members, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Reports and analysis – performance, spend and engagement figures.

We would like to invite interested Brokers to an engagement session on 7th November 2017 to gather feedback on the above. Please contact Drew Frame at drew.frame@consortiumprocurement.org.uk or call 0191 566 1035 to confirm your attendance and allocated meeting time.