CPC – Get involved in our member events!

Our new brand Consortium Procurement Construction is now live. In the North of England, Northern Housing Consortium (through our Consortium Procurement function) has established a collaboration agreement with LHC to promote MMC solutions and other construction-based frameworks. This collaboration was born out of the belief that there is a significant opportunity to support NHC members in the North by combining LHC’s outstanding technical knowledge of construction with NHC’s unrivalled member knowledge and ability to aggregate demand.

LHC have provided the sector with MMC procurement solutions for many years now, gaining valuable experience along the way. In October 2014, the NH1 Offsite Housing Framework was launched as the first OJEU compliant procurement framework created specifically for use by social landlords throughout Great Britain. Earlier this year, in April 2019, the second iteration of the framework was launched (NH2) offering the social housing sector a portfolio of MMC solutions (categories 1 and 2 of the MMC Definitions Framework) from 16 appointed companies across Great Britain. Through its Offsite Housing Frameworks to date LHC has developed a pipeline of 4,447 Homes, through 82 Projects with 35 Members, providing homes for 8,940 people.

NHC and LHC have both identified through their member engagement that a key barrier to the take up of MMC by social landlords is the uncertainty and risk associated with engaging with the supply market. CPC are therefore currently engaged with industry experts, consultants, suppliers and members for the procurement of a framework for ‘Offsite Project Integrators’.

This is a solution that covers every aspect of a MMC call-off project from pre-project initiation and land assembly through brief preparation, design, manufacture, construction, installation, finishing, handover and review. The integrator role is not a simple direct replacement of the main contractor, it also encompasses much of the work of the Project Manager and will be engaged from concept stage to shape the project, particularly the supply chain procurement and scoping strategy.

We will be holding regional hosting various roundtables and events for our members to come together and discuss how we may all be able to move forward together, to drive volume and value when using MMC. The first dates are:

October 1st Location – Newcastle

October 9th Location – Wakefield

October 16th Location –Manchester

If you are interested in attending the events please contact kristina.dawson@northern-consortium.org.uk

If you would like to discuss what we are doing around procurement for members please contact joseph.gardiner@consortiumprocurement.org.uk