Commercial Insurance DPS

Call for Competition on our Commercial Insurance Dynamic Purchasing System, in conjunction with Marsh Ltd will go out in October 2018, with a view to be up and running in November 2018.

• Procured In partnership with Marsh Ltd,
• Marsh will work with you to define your needs, and tailor your policy accordingly.
• Dynamic Purchasing System – Your incumbent provider will be offered the chance to bid
• Ready for April 2019 renewals
• Lots available to call off (in any combination) –

LOT 1: Property
• Property, Business Interruption
• Construction
• Terrorism
• Asbestos

LOT 2: Leaseholders
• Property and property owners liability

LOT 3: Employer and Public Liability
• Employers Liability
• Public Liability
• Products Liability

LOT 4: Motor
• Motor

LOT 5: Cyber
• Cyber

LOT 6: Financial Lines
• Crime/Fidelity Guarantee
• Professional Indemnity
• Management Liability

LOT 7: Engineering
• Engineering Insurance and Engineering Inspection

Members interested in calling off from this solution can contact

Passenger Lifts Framework Re-Procurement

We are currently finalising our tender documents and aim for the tender to be released early January 2019. The proposed lot structure for the new framework is as follows:

LOT 1: Consultancy
LOT 2: Installation and Refurbishment of Passenger Lifts
LOT 3: Servicing and Repair of Passenger Lifts
LOT 4: Testing and Examination

If you would like any further information regarding the new framework please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team at

Property Safety and Security Framework

Property Safety and Security Framework

The tender has now closed for our Property Safety and Security framework, we will be undertaking the next stage of the procurement process over the following few weeks. It is anticipated that the framework will be available from 1st March 2019 for our Members to call-off from.

Please note ...

We use Delta e-Sourcing portal to formally advertise our tender and interact with suppliers. We will place notice of tender opportunities here for information only. Provided in the detail of the opportunity will be guidance on making a formal submission. Tender submissions made directly via the website will not be accepted.

Consortium Procurement