Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety – Information for Members and Suppliers

Since the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017, there has been an independent review of building regulations and fire safety which we believe our members and suppliers should be made aware of. The review has highlighted a number of areas in which improvements and changes need to be made in terms of funding, design and building processes. One of these fundamental areas focuses on the roles and responsibilities of both the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

Within the report it states “Primary responsibility for ensuring that buildings are fit for purpose must rest with those who commission, design and build the project. Responsibility and accountability must rest with clearly identifiable senior individuals and not be wholly dispersed through the supply chain. Roles and responsibilities across the whole life cycle of a building must be clearer”

The final report is due to be published in Spring 2018, although it is highly unlikely that changes will be made to current building regulations.  

The consortium would like to reassure our members that our specification for the Fire Safety Framework, is flexible and does in fact cover all eventualities. As long as the Consortium have confirmation of who the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor will be, the terms of our framework will cover all aspects.

The Consortium are more than happy to provide both members and suppliers with as much information regarding the review as possible. Any updates or news regarding the review, we will strive to make members and suppliers aware of as soon as possible.

For any queries regarding the review or our Fire Safety Framework, please contact us