Technology Enabled Care Services


This national framework offers a fully OJEU and Public Contract Regulations (PCR) 2015
compliant route to market for public sector bodies, looking for comprehensive digital
procurement solutions for Technology Enabled Care Services.

Key Framework Information

  • Lot 1 – Product Catalogue (split into digital and analogue)
  • Lot 2 – Installation, Service/Maintenance and Repair
  • Lot 3 – Call Monitoring and Mobile Response
  • Lot 4 – Consultancy

Time To Procure Compliantly Now

Gain peace of mind in a fast-changing digital procurement technology environment. Procure
through Consortium Procurement and get the correct kit for your service user needs from UK
regulated telecare product suppliers.

Prepare For High Tech Digital Transformation

Meet the support requirements of your community before the digital changeover UK 2025.
Maintain independent living with technology fit for the future.

Three steps for success:

  • Survey existing equipment
  • Assess the digital marketplace
  • Decide on the right tech

Great Value Savings You Need To Know About

Did you know we have saved our members up to 50% savings on products and installs?

Choose us, a trusted procurement route for over 40 years and confidently procure digital solutions from regulated suppliers. Benefit from cost reductions on recommended retail prices through our framework agreements.


  • Catalogue updates every six months
  • Bespoke quality and price contracts
  • Help with stock reviews and specifications
  • No minimum spend

Appointed Suppliers

Technology Fit For The Future

Innovative tech available for procurement through our Technology Enabled Care Services framework includes:

  • Wearables, digital ready sensors and detectors
  • Smart tools, control centre equipment and call monitoring
  • Install/maintenance and repair services

Incredible tools available for our members at smart prices thanks to our supplier relationships.

The current iteration of the Technology Enabled Care Services framework ends in 2023, however it is continually updated.

The framework is available across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is procured with assistance from the TEC Services Association.

More Information

For further information about digital solutions for procurement, including a copy of the specification or details of the suppliers on the framework, please contact us using the ‘MoreInformation’ form and someone from our team will be in touch.

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Paul Shead, Managing Director, Enovation

We’re very happy to supply our UMO Software through Consortium Procurement and have done so for over 2 years. Those in the Technology Enabled Care services industry need a reliable means to monitor both analogue and digital alarm calls, for devices from many manufacturers. Through our continuing relationship with Consortium Procurement, we know that their […]

John Gibbons, Head of Procurement Optivo

We found Consortium Procurement’s TECS framework easy to use, and it has worked perfectly well for us. We are currently mobilising our contract with Careium – our new one begins shortly. Changing over has given us the perfect opportunity to revise our portfolio and the data we hold on our schemes. Both Consortium Procurement and […]