Digital Inclusion

Isn’t it shocking that 60% of the world still doesn’t have internet access and 10.5 million people in one of the leading world economies – the UK – do not possess the skills and knowledge to be able to use a computer?

These sobering statistics help to explain one of the main issues of 2016 facing all social housing landlords. With the roll-out of Universal Credit, the social housing sector meets a great challenge – namely ensuring recipients know how to claim it to enable those that rely on benefits to pay their rent. This has the potential to impact on the main revenue stream of all our members, but the NHC has a solution.

We have put an offer in place to allow tenants to get the training, hardware and broadband access they need to be able to get online, address some of the barriers and to access a wide range of products and services.

We have also negotiated exclusive, super efficient broadband deals in a bid to help our members tackle this issue in the most effective and financially advantageous way.

Digital Inclusion Flyer